Company introduction

Movic Lab was established as a start-up in 2017 and provides services to detect and cope with the failure of key industrial equipment early on the basis of failure diagnosis and prediction algorithms applied with deep learning, and PHM (Prognistics and Health Management) field.We research a variety of technologies and products to help you become the best in the world By monitoring the status of facilities in the plant in real time and measuring the noise, vibration, temperature, humidity, and ultrasonic conditions of the equipment in operation through various sensors, we provide services for diagnosing the risk of failures, thereby improving the efficiency of facilities and improving productivity. The goal is to maximize profits

Mission & Vision

It aims to provide products and services

that customers and companies can win-win with each other


· 2019

12. Application of 3 domestic patents and 1 overseas PCT patent

11. Best Smart Device Contest

10. ICT Device Lab Voucher Support Project


· 2018

02. SW Convergence Global Support Project (currently Incheon Techno Park)


· 2017

10. Movic Lab established

07. Selected 1st smart venture campus (Current Ministry of Small and  Medium Venture Business)


· 2016

04. Technology Development Agreement



Charge : Consulting, Business

Technology Development Team

System HW SW Charge : Research / Development

Management Support Team

Financial administrationCharge : Administrative / Financial / Plan / Promotion

Patent and Certification